The 20 years of experience acumulated in the spice and functional blends market allow us to respond to the solicitations of our parteners quickly and directional. Our company’s policy to meet your needs, beeing them small or large projects, gives us a more flexible approach than our competitors.

Because of this, we can create blends that can relate to the market trends and expectations, in all shapes and sizes.

  • You only need 20 kg/month? We can!
  • You want in to be mor red? We can!
  • You want the mix in Buckets? We can!
  • 4 kg per container? We can!
  • Feel like the market wants a more flavoursome product? We can!
  • Too many aditives and you want your product in the low e-number trend? We can!
  • The blend was created for your needs and you want exclusivity? We can!
The Kralex Team, through experience and dedication, can resolve your specific requests in a short time.

Choose the type of product you want to set up

Medium granulation sausages Sauseges
Rustic medium grain salami Salami