Alginate Cassing

One of the pioneers of the co-extrusion technology is our partener, Ruitenberg. Their vaste knowledge in this field, to wich our team also has acces, determined us to promote and implement this technology in Romania almost a decade ago.

The principle of the technology is simple: co-extrusion combines two flows of ingredients to form one single product. On the surface of the filling a very thin layer of alginate is deposited, wich when in contact with thecalcium chloride solution becomes a thin membraneThe calibers that this technology is proven are from 5mm up to 60 mm, but beyond 34-36 there are no more resonable reasons to do so. This works on coocked-smoked, raw-fermented and minimum-aditivated products.

This technology means fitting on two filling machines one co-extrusion head. Although the initial investment might seem expensive, if the two machines are not in use allready, we know that the advantages on short and medium term are superior.

  • Increased productivity Because the co-extrusion processis completely automated, the downtime due to refilling of the natural or artificial cassing are eliminated.
  • Longer shelf-lifeThe alginate gel has a far smaller microbiological count than the natural and even artificial cassings.
  • Reduced cost / kg of productThe usual dosage is 4-5%, on the most common calibers. At an alginate price of 4 euros/kg, the impact on the ready product is far reduced than any other tipe of cassing.
  • Different posibilities than conventional cassingsBecause the smallest calliber is 6mm, this gives us the posibility to make completely different products than any other type of natural or artifficial cassings and can produce a niche assortment of products.
Having full Ruitenberg support on this technology, and because a test in your conditions is time and money consuming, we can schedule a work-shop in the pilot-station in The Netherlands. There you will see the particularities ofthis technology and will be able to interact directly with everything this technology implies. Also, the Kralex team will be with you all the way and will help you I everithing that tis technology implies, and even more than that…

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